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25 To Do Lists To Make Your Life Easier.

25 To Do Lists To Make Your Life Easier.

The shopping list or to-do lists, many people makes.

It's true that in everyday life, whether it's things for home or for work, lists really help to get organized .

In addition, lists allow us to stay focused on the most important tasks, without spreading ourselves too thin.

And then, the lists make up for any memory lapses...

Recent studies have even shown that you were 42% more likely to complete a task simply because you wrote it down.

Making "to-do" lists, so it's only good ! So why settle for making lists just to manage the day-to-day?

25 To Do Lists To Make Your Life Easier.

Yes, making lists can be super useful in many other aspects of your life.

With a simple list, you can, for example, better understand what you have to do to achieve your goals .

In addition, it motivates you to achieve it! You'll see, it's so nice to scratch something (finally) done!

And, for the days when morale is less good, we re-read his little "good mood" list and everything is better!

Whatever the reason, you can start making lists today. It will make your life easier and simpler for sure :-)

Here are 25 to-do list ideas to make your life easier :

1. The destinations you want to travel to

2. Your professional goals

3. The clothes you would like to add to your wardrobe

4. All the things you're grateful for

5. Your digital IDs and passwords

6. Important dates (birthdays, holidays, taxes payable, etc.)

7. The restaurants in your neighborhood to try

8. Your favorite quotes

9. The next books to read

10. Your health goals (physical and psychological)

11. Movies you want to watch

12. TV series not to be missed

13. Recipes to try

14. The activities you want to do near you

15. The monuments and museums you want to see

16. Decorative ideas to try at home

17. Great gift ideas

18. All daily expenses

19. "DIY or homemade" projects to try

20. The list of things to do before you die

21. The concerts you want to attend

22. The list of things to clean at home

23. All the things you're proud to have accomplished

24. Your best memories

25. The skills you have (or the ones you would like to develop)

And to start making those lists today, all you need is a simple notebook like this one.