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Baby mattress:How to choose it well?

Baby mattress:How to choose it well?

Which choice of mattress for baby?

Contents 1 What choice of baby mattress? 2 A healthy baby mattress 3 Mattress material 4 Mattress density 5 Safety first!

Preparing for baby's arrival means many things to buy and multiple models to choose from, because you want the best. The baby mattress is no exception to the rule. Don't know how to choose it? We've got you covered!

A healthy baby mattress

There are always girlfriends who kindly want to give you what they no longer need or the temptation may be great to recover what comes from the eldest. For some things like clothes, that's not a problem. On the other hand, with regard to the baby mattress, it is better to turn to a new product for questions of hygiene, but also of quality of support for the baby's body.

An organic baby mattress as proposed by Kipli is made from natural and/or recyclable materials is to be preferred. So you can be sure it's healthy. To be sure that it is indeed an organic baby mattress, check that it has the Oko-tex certificate, it guarantees the absence of chemical treatment.

Mattress material

Several natural materials are used to design the mattresses. You will therefore have the choice between:

  • A natural latex mattress for babies:It is antibacterial, antiallergic and has very interesting thermoregulatory properties which allows it to be suitable for all seasons. In addition, it provides excellent comfort. If you want to know more about natural latex, you will find all the information on the Nidouillet website.
  • A foam baby mattress:It is antibacterial and antifungal. In addition, it is comfortable and perhaps memory foam to increase it even more.
  • Wool bedding:This is ideal if you want an organic baby mattress since it is 100% natural and recyclable. It brings a warm envelope to your baby in which he will feel good.
  • A coconut fiber baby mattress:If it is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties, it is also one of the most ecological and breathable materials with the natural latex baby mattress.
  • The tencel mattress:This is the pulp of the eucalyptus which gives the bedding good breathability, appreciable temperature regulation and rests bacteria.

These are the main materials you can find for a baby mattress. As for the ticking, that is to say the fabric that covers the filling, it is generally made of bamboo fiber. It is antibacterial and has a good absorption capacity which allows perspiration to be easily evacuated for a more peaceful sleep.

The density of the mattress

Your baby needs a fairly firm support, which is neither too hard nor too soft so that he has good support for his body and that the bedding is comfortable. We must therefore look at its density. This varies according to the material that composes it as indicated here. If you have a natural latex baby mattress, a density of 55 kg/m² is recommended.

A common mistake is to confuse density with thickness. The latter will not provide better comfort if it is high. Ideally, it should be between 12 and 15 cm.

Safety first!

This is an essential point in choosing a baby mattress. It must be adapted to the size of the bed and above all not too small at the risk of baby getting stuck between the mattress and the bars of the bed. And if it's too big, you won't be able to fit it into the bed, so you bought it for nothing. Standard sizes are 60 x 120 or 70 x 140 cm. They are to be preferred so that the mattress finds its place in the bed without worry.