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DIY:Non-slip socks for your children.

DIY:Non-slip socks for your children.

The chunky chunky socks our kids love haven't finished us surprise.

In winter, of course, they put them on in their boots but also to keep their feet warm in the house.

One day I saw one of my daughters put them on as slippers.

I found the idea brilliant. But I had to prevent him from slipping on the floor at all costs.

Fortunately, today we're talking about customization... and it also works for socks;-) Watch:

DIY:Non-slip socks for your children.

How to

1. Take a pair of socks to transform.

2. Flatten the footwear (the foot of the sock) well so that you can draw correctly

3. Take 3D embossing paint.

4. Draw a series of round, solid dots with 3D embossing paint.

Note: No need to use a brush. Draw directly with the pointed tip of the paint bottle (see the picture I took).

DIY:Non-slip socks for your children.

5. Space the pellets from one line to the other 1.5 cm.

Note: My pads are round, relatively flat so as not to get in the way underfoot and are 1 cm in diameter.

6. Leave to dry for 6 hours (it is important to respect the drying time indicated on the bottle of the paint used).


DIY:Non-slip socks for your children.

Lo and behold, my socks have become slippers :-)

The pellets, under the effect of heat, have swelled and their appearance is non-slip. Now my daughter wears her booties happily in the winter indoors. Besides, she ends up using them.

For my part, at the end of each winter, I easily save the price of a pair of slippers per child... a trip and the time spent choosing them.

Your turn...

After trying my trick, come back and tell me how it turned out for you. Reading the comments of your experiences always makes me happy.